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Quantitative questionnaire page 2 Fig 4. Quantitative questionnaire page 3 Fig 5. Quantitative questionnaire page 4 Fig 6. Quantitative questionnaire page 5 Table 1. Demographics of respondents qualitative survey List of Charts Chart 1. Gender of respondents Chart 2. Age of respondents Chart 3. Education level Chart 4.

Annual income of respondents Chart 5. Challenges faced by consumers Chart. Factors considered while purchasing food Chart 7. Time taken for consumers to cook meal Chart 9. Consumer preference when not cooking a home Chart Consumer perception on cooking meal as time consuming process Chart Destination where consumers ate their food Chart Consumer Frequency of eating out Chart Consumer perception on their eating habit as healthy Chart Consumer expenditure on grocery Chart Consumer expenditure on outside food Chart Consumer grocery purchasing destination Chart Consumer perception on effect of inflation on food purchasing pattern Chart Food processing industry in India is poised for huge growth.

Objective The objective of the research were: to conduct a literature review on factors influencing the change in consumer demand for food; to understand the current consumer demand with respect to their cooking pattern, eating pattern and food purchasing pattern; and to discover the future business opportunity in Indian food processing industry Methodology The methodology used in this research was the sequential exploratory mixed method. Qualitative questionnaire was made using open end questions and were distributed to specific samples.

Analysing the qualitative data, common themes were discovered, which were used in forming the quantitative questionnaire. Quantitative data was analysed using SPSS. Findings and conclusion Analysis of data showed that consumers in urban India tend to be time poor cash rich, so the demand for convenience food is on the rise.

Variation and availability of good quality ready to use vegetables are the major problem faced by consumers while cooking everyday meal.

Cold Storage for Fruit and Veg

It also showed that the consumers are becoming more and more health conscious and demanding health and wellness food products. Most of the consumers tend to eat at home and sometimes prefer eating outside. Local kirana store and supermarket were the preferred destination for the consumers for shopping food products.

The main conclusion for this research is that there lies a huge opportunity for food processing businesses in India on the back of massive macro-economic growth and changing consumer demands. Page 1 8. I would like to thank my course director Dr. Joe Bogue for his support, teaching, suggestions and encouragement.

You have been a source of guidance, support and inspiration for an international student like in a foreign country. I would like to thank UCC and all of its staff for their support and help. I would like to thank my parents, my brother and sister in law for their support and love, without which I would not have come so far away from home. You gave me wings to fly. I would also like to thank my friends both in Ireland and India who supported me every time and helped me in completion of this thesis.

I am grateful to all the beautiful and friendly people of Ireland for being so kind and very helpful to me. Because of your kindness and friendliness, I was able to do this study and complete my education. Thank you all. Page 2 9.

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Changes in demographics of consumers have brought a change in their purchasing and eating pattern. Rapid urbanisation, rising income, globalisation, rising number of working women, etc. It is very important to understand the consumer needs in order to setup or expand any business in a country. Similarly for any food business for setting up or expanding in India, it is very important to understand the consumer needs in India and their fast changing eating habits.

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Food processing industry in India is currently at a nascent stage. But as the macroeconomics of the country is changing rapidly, food processing industry is seen as one of the most important industry for achieving growth and creating employment opportunities. Only percent of the total fruits and vegetables produced in India is processed, which leads to about 30 to 40 percent of the total produce being wasted before consumption. These losses are huge and can be minimised by doing more research in this sector, increasing the level of processing and improvement in infrastructure.

This gives an opportunity for food business entrepreneurs to provide new products and services to the consumers.

Understanding consumer demand is vital for research in food processing sector, in order to provide efficient and productive food products and services which can be beneficial for both consumers as well as the industry. While researching for scientific or academic information regarding the Indian food industry and the consumer demands for food, the researcher found that there were limited sources of study being done on the demands of Indian consumer for food. So the researcher felt the necessity to study in detail Page 3 Increasing middle class consumers are demanding higher level food products, they are demanding more variety of food products.

Rising income has increased the purchasing power of consumers, more and more consumers are going for branded and premium food products. Increasing literacy rate and rising literacy in women has increased the demand for healthy and nutritious food products. All these factors are having a major effect on the consumer demands in urban as well as rural India. Understanding consumer demand is necessary for the growth of food processing sector, to bring down the failure rate of new products which might have an economical impact on the industry and to minimise the wastage of food by implementing effective and efficient food supply chain system.

There are three research contributions envisaged form this study. First, the cooking pattern of consumers; everyday cooking habit of consumers, what problems they face in everyday cooking. Second, consumer eating pattern; consumer eating habits at home or out of home, how much preference they give to outside food products, and their view on RTC and RTE food products available in the market. Third, consumer purchasing pattern, this study explains the consumer grocery purchasing habits, from where do they buy food items, what types of food product they buy every time they so to grocery stores, how much they spend on purchasing food, etc.

Page 4 The main research questions are: 1. What are the factors affecting the change in consumer demand? What are the current consumer demands?

Dissertations & Theses from 12222

Above question consist of these three sub-questions: i. What is current consumer cooking pattern ii. What is current consumer eating pattern iii. What is current consumer food purchasing pattern 3. What are the opportunities for food processing businesses in India? The qualitative survey was conducted by sending a questionnaire by email to specific samples. The specifications for the selected samples were: they should be married, between age of 23 to 40 years, must cook at home everyday, at least 2nd level of education.

From the qualitative survey results, themes and codes were formed by analysing the responses of the respondents using NVIvo software. Quantitative questionnaire Page 5 These quantitative questionnaires were then distributed among the general population, the specifications for the population were: must cook everyday at home, age between 25 to 50 years. The survey questionnaire were distributed online on popular social networking website like Facebook, Whatsapp and via emails.

SPSS software was used for analysing the quantitative data. It outlined the main objectives of the research, and presented the questions and sub questions of the research.

Table of contents

The methodology and limitations of the research were also briefly described. In chapter 2 the literature review is introduced and focuses on the food processing industry in world and in India.

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  • Page 6 In this chapter, significance of the food processing industry will be reviewed. The aim of this chapter is to introduce the food processing industry in the world and preview the benefits of food processing sector in world. The current scenario of the global food processing sector will be discussed as well as the factors that are affecting the change in world food demand with respect to high economic growth and population change in Asia and the effect of globalisation will be discussed in this chapter.

    In addition to the primary processing of food raw materials, it includes final food production and the preparation and packaging of fresh products McCullough et al. Food processing can be said as the transformation of raw materials into food, or food into other form. Food processing generally takes harvested, clean crops or butchered animal products and use them to produce attractive, marketable and often long shelf life products.

    The food processing industry can be divided into following broad segments: Primary processed food — this category includes products such as fruits and vegetable, edible oil, packaged milk, milled rice, flour, tea, coffee, pulses, spices and salt which can be sold in packed or non-packed forms.